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Careers Who we are, why we love working here, and where there’s a fit for you. Document, Discover and Interoperate. The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) is an international standard for describing the data produced by surveys and other observational methods in the social, behavioral, economic, and health sciences.

How much are your skills worth? Find out how much developers like you are making with our Salary Calculator, now updated with Developer Survey data. XML databases are a type of structured document-oriented database that allows querying based on XML document attributes.

XML databases are mostly used in applications where the data is conveniently viewed as a collection of documents, with a structure that can vary from the very flexible to the highly rigid: examples include scientific articles.

Architects XQuery for the systems analyst or architect. The W3C XML Query Working Group worked with the W3C XML Schema Working Group and the W3C XSL Working Group to make a set of specifications that all work together.

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