Research paper on death penalty in india

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Capital punishment in India

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Capital Punishment

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Death Penalty Research Paper I. Introduction The death penalty in the United States is a constant source of controversy. Efforts to abolish capital punishment in America date back to over years and continue to expand in present-day. Supporters of death penalty argue that the implementation of this punishment can help to create a safer society, since it will have a deterrent effect on people that are thinking to commit a crime/5(1).

Research published by National Law University, Delhi on death row convicts since had found that of the 1, prisoners sentenced to death by trial courts in India, capital punishment was confirmed in only seventy-one cases.

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1 I. Introduction The debate over the death penalty has in the recent past acquired renewed vigour. The government of the day has been insisting on the increased use of death penalty for crimes other than murder, particularly rape.

Capital punishment in India

The Death Penalty in India: A lethal lottery: A study of Supreme Court judgments in death penalty cases (Summary Report), p.ASA 20//, May 2, Bacham Singh v.

State of Punjab, (1) SCR (a) para.Supreme Court of India, Amnesty Intl., The Death Penalty in India: A lethal lottery: A study of Supreme Court judgments in death penalty cases .

Research paper on death penalty in india
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