Mystery of crop circles research paper

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The Mystery of the Crop Circle Swastika

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Mystery of Under Water Crop Circles Essay

Mike Doyle Research Paper Final HY Crop Circles are patterns that are designed into crop fields. The crop circles are formed when the creator presses down on the crops and others are left standing to the exact way the creator wants there crop circle to come out.

Since they began to capture media attention in the mid s, and to proliferate and evolve through the decades of the s and s, crop circles have provided mystery and controversy.

New books, touting “scientific research,” continue the trend.

Crop Circles Essay

Geometry of Crop Circles INTRODUCTION A crop circle is an area in a field of crops where the plants have been mysteriously flattened into the shape of a circle or a more complex pattern.

A crop circle is a sizable pattern created by the flattening of a crop such as wheat, barley, rye, maize, or rapeseed.

Crop Circles Formation Theories

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The Mystery of the Crop Circle Swastika September 3, This removal of the validity of the hoaxer’s claims means that crop circles remain an unexplained natural phenomenon deserving of serious investigation by academic institutions and other research organisations.” Greg Jefferys in a research paper emailed to Huffington Post.

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Mystery of crop circles research paper
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Crop circles blur science, paranormal in X-Files culture