Importance of good credit

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What Is a Good Credit Score – Understanding Credit Ratings & Ranges

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What is a Good Credit Score Worth?

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The Importance of Managing Money

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The Importance of Good Credit and How to Take Advantage

Usually our conversations here are limited to getting away from credit but I want to talk about something you cannot ignore which is your credit score or its official name the FICO score more important we’ll answer the question: What’s a Good Credit Score?

FICO is a reference to the company that manages the reporting which is the Fair Isaac Corporation. Good credit plays an important role in your financial life. Not only is it essential for obvious things like qualifying for a loan or getting a credit card, but also for less obvious things like getting cellular telephone service, renting a car, and perhaps even getting a job.

What is a good TransUnion ® credit score? That’s a good question. But before getting to TransUnion scores specifically, it’s helpful to look at credit score ranges more generally.

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Importance of good credit
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