Implied volatility research papers

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Asymmetric Option Price Distribution and Bid-Ask Quotes: Consequences for Implied Volatility Smiles

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Volatility Risk Premium Effect

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ABSTRACT The paper studies estimation of implied volatility and the impact of the choice of the corresponding risk-free rate proxy. We suggest to analyze the implied volatility and the risk-free rate proxy inferred in conjunction from the observed option prices.

Abstract. We examine the option-implied volatility of the three most liquid ETFs (Diamonds, Spiders, and Cubes) and their respective tracking indices (Dow 30, S&Pand NASDAQ ).

Implied Volatility

The cross section of stock returns also predicts option-implied volatilities, with stocks with high past returns tending to have call and put option contracts that exhibit increases in implied volatility over the next month, but with decreasing realized volatility.

STOCK MARKET VOLATILITY: AN EVALUATION (S&P ) index. Their research tells us that higher volatility corresponds to a higher probability of a declining market.

Implied Volatility

Lower volatility corresponds to a higher probability of a rising market. to ,the visuals are designed from S&P index option data replicating the implied volatility. Implied volatility and other parameters extracted from options market prices embed these modified “risk neutral” probabilities, that combine investors’ objective predictions of the real world returns distribution with their risk preferences.

on implied volatility has been restricted to the 3-month period subsequent to this. The broad objective of the paper is to have an understanding of the movement of volatility over a fair period in respect of the market portfolio.

Implied volatility research papers
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